Living-Consciousness is:

Drs. Bickford and Covington are excited to share with you their knowledge and concepts of what it is to be awake and conscious in our everyday moments. We will be teaching and exploring Levels of Consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins); Temperament (Dr. David Keirsey) in relationship to consciousness and the "virtuoso effect". We have found through our own subjective processes, scientific study and decades of clinical work a "formula" to help each of us experience growth and live Consciousness. This "formula" transforms the way one experiences each hour of the day. Understanding people, including yourself, is the first step in experiencing why relationships in your life are the way they are... Comprehending levels of Consciousness is the primary step in re-solving disappointment, anger, resentment and loss in your life... Developing, growing and cultivating a "Virtuoso effect" changes everything you want to change; and strength-ens the best parts of you.  

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Located in the heart of historic Redlands, California  

It's 2018 and we continue to enjoy our beautiful space to evolve and transcend... the Meditation Room at Bickford & Covington. 

It's a warm, golden-rod, loving and open space.  It was Consciousness Construction! We hope you can join us HERE for some Living-Consciousness classes/seminars and workshops soon!




We have transformed our One-Day-Seminars this year to allow for special engagements and events. February brings our next special events:

  • Living-Consciousness Circle for the Serious Spiritual Student (Wednesday eve) and for the Novice (Thursday eve)
  • the Women's Retreat: FALL 2018 TBA